Here Are the Best Personal Finance Podcasts You May Not Know About

Even as recently as a decade ago, most people listened to their radio shows in the exact same way — on the actual radio. Fast forward to today, and the world of podcasting has absolutely exploded, changing the way we think about broadcasting for generations to come.

One great thing about podcasting is that absolutely anyone can do it — all you really need is a microphone. Because of that, the format is filled with niche content aimed not at the biggest possible audience, but at smaller and far more passionate ones.

Case in point: personal finance. Whether you’re a beginner or just want to stay up to date on all of those latest industry trends, there are a few key personal finance podcasts in particular that you will want to be aware of moving forward.

So Money

One of the great things about the So Money podcast is that it takes an inherently complicated topic — personal finance — and boils it down to its bare essentials so absolutely anyone can follow.

The show is filled with interviews featuring entrepreneurs, financial authors, influencers and more — but it never gets too complicated to the point where it would keep anyone at arm’s length. This, coupled with the casual and candid tone, makes So Money a personal finance podcast that is great for beginners in particular.

The College Investor

Many people don’t realize just how important those immediate post-college years are for personal finance until it’s too late. But now, thankfully, there is an invaluable resource that new grads can turn to in their time of need — The College Investor podcast.

As the name suggests, it’s a deep dive into absolutely everything you’ll need to know about this critical time — from creating your first budget that actually works to repaying student loans to finding gainful employment and much, much more.

Smart Passive Income

Everyone knows how hard it can often be to earn a living. But what you might not realize is that not all forms of income take as much day-to-day involvement as your current one. There are passive ways to earn a living, too — and that’s exactly what the Smart Passive Income podcast is all about.

Making money as a blogger, for example, is definitely a viable option in the modern era. If you’re able to write content that resonates with people, you can sell ads on it — thus creating an income stream that itself will stand the test of time. That’s just one example of the many ways that people earn a passive income — all of which are discussed on the show. Others include email marketing, becoming a podcaster, affiliate marketing, and more.

The Dave Ramsey Show

One of the qualities that makes a podcast good ultimately comes down to the personality of the host. Yes, the content needs to be great, but if that personal flair isn’t there, each episode will ultimately be a chore to get through.

One example of a show with the opposite of that problem is The Dave Ramsey Show, hosted by the radio host and best-selling author of the same name. He’s never one to mince words and always speaks his mind as he uses each episode to talk about topics that matter most to him, such as debt, investments, retirement, and even marriage.

Planet Money

Any savvy investor will tell you that if you really want to put your money to work for you, you need to understand as much about the economy as you can. That’s the ultimate goal behind Planet Money — the hit podcast that wants to help viewers boost their own financial power as much as possible.

The thing that makes Planet Money so unique is that it mixes stories and conversations to break down not just the economy, but those elements that really affect each and every one of us on a daily basis. These are the types of things that many people don’t devote much thought to but that hold sway over our financial destiny all the same. Planet Money is produced by National Public Radio and is similar to a lot of their other content in many ways.

Note that all of the aforementioned podcasts are available in all of your favorite podcasting apps, from Apple Podcasts to Google Podcasts and more.

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